Our Houses
Name Crest Color Saying Description
Green “I feel like no one can hold me back from being my best, other than my very own self.”
  • From the Yoruba language
  • The student will be less of a talker and more of a doer
  • Openly embrace the unknown and be courageous enough to set goals
Red “When I fall down, I will humbly get right back up without being negative or complaining, and I will realize that I have the power to be even stronger than I was before the fall.”
  • From the Somali language
  • Determination and perseverance
  • Show growth from your struggles and challenges
Yellow “I do for you in a humble manner, and you do for me in a humble manner.”
  • From the Shona language
  • Not just saying in words, but showing in thoughts and actions
  • Treating others with love, respect, tolerance, and understanding
Self Ulwazi
Self Knowledge
Purple “I will reflect on my daily actions and make the changes necessary for positive growth.”
  • From the Zulu language
  • Value and show that you respect yourself by being honest
  • Making sure that our words have “Nia” – meaning
Black “When I am making choices and decisions, I not only consider what I need but what is also best for everyone involved, or that may be affected by my decision.”
  • From the Swahili language
  • Show selflessness
  • Showing integrity and doing what is best for the whole